tankless water heaters for the home
tankless water heaters, tankless heater, on demand water heaters, instant water heaters
Tankless Water Heaters LTD.com is a wholesaler and reseller of high quality natural gas and LP gas tankless water heaters and their parts.
tankless water heaters, tankless heater, on demand water heaters, instant water heaters
tankless water heaters and tankless service valves tankless water heaters, tankless heater, on demand water heaters, instant water heaters
tankless water heaters, tankless heater, on demand water heaters, instant water heaters

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Q. How Do I Choose Which Water Heater Is Right For Me?

A. Step one is to calculate the peak demand for hot water in your home or business. The EZTankless water heater you purchase must meet this peak demand. We realize that in some cases EZTankless does not have a single unit to meet the most demanding households, and in these situations we recommend you calculate the cost of two of our units and compare with the price of a single unit from one of our competitors’. Naturally a single unit from EZTankless will easily undercut the costs involved with a competitor, and often two of our units are also very cost effective.

To make this calculation we suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

How many people are going to be showering and at what time? Is there a specific time of the day when more people are typically bathing?

When are the washing machine, and/or dishwasher in use? Are these machines being used during the times family members are bathing or showering? Most families are probably accustomed to living with such appliances that consume hot water and use them at times when bathing and showering are not generally required.

Is there a large soaking tub or a whirlpool bath in your home, or are you planning to install such features at a later date? If so, what is the fill capacity in gallons? How is this tub used and how frequently does it get used? Do you use in a time period when the washing machine or dishwasher is running?

Now equipped with the above information you must establish a reasonable "peak demand" flow estimate in GPM (Gallons per Minute). This is done by adding up the flow rates of all hot water consuming appliances, faucets and showerheads.

If you are on a well water system, follow this link for more information.

NOTES: We would like you to keep in mind that part of operating a more energy efficient and thus greener home is the sensible usage of the available utilities. It is no different than recycling paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. It requires a little more effort than simply throwing everything into a trash bin. Saving energy and natural resources requires a change of habit and participation in effective economizing on behalf of all members of a family. When this is done, true energy savings and satisfying environmental results are easily seen by the residents of your home. Put another way, does your home have energy efficient low flow plumbing fixtures? An energy efficient shower head uses much less water than the ones of the past. It is possible to use an energy efficient tankless water heater without modern energy efficient faucets and shower heads. But does this make sense? When using low flow plumbing fixtures in combination with an EZTankless on-demand water heater, you can enjoy the same comforts while consuming less energy and water as well as saving money on your utility bills. State of the Art EZTankess Direct Vent (EZTankless Deluxe and Ultra) tankless water heaters are much more energy/cost efficient and provide the next step in water heating technology. With the savings you will find in making your purchase with us, you could easily change all your showerheads to modern energy efficient units and still have money left over!


Q. Is the tankless water heater just a load of bologna?

A. Some people may try to convince you that tankless water heaters are just hype, and not really suitable for use in your home or small business. Which people? Those that have not tried our water heaters, those that resist change and are not willing to be open minded to new technology. Also those people who have no experience with on-demand tankless water heaters, and are comfortable with the old style tank-type water heaters. Please look around our website, read the articles and then check-in with our “competition” and make your own mind up.

We believe in our product, not because it is our product, but because we have EZTankless water heaters in our own homes, our family’s use them and our customers also believe in the product, even if at first they may have been skeptical.

We don’t do hype, we don’t spend a fortune on advertising. EZTankless water heaters are modern, efficient and user friendly. The electronically controlled pilotless direct vent design with horizontal exit exhaust systems are superior to all water heaters that have come before, and we are convinced that there will not be another evolution in the foreseeable future.


Q. Will an on-demand EZ Tankless water heater fulfill all the hot needs of my home?

A. We at EZTankless have found that we have a tankless water heater solution for every family, every home and most small businesses in the United States of America.

Our products help reduce your carbon footprint in several key ways.

Typically with one of our instant-on water heaters in combination with water saving shower heads and faucets with aerator (screens) you will enjoy ample hot water. You actually use less water overall than using conventional faucets and shower heads with a tank type water heater.

As our water heaters are not consuming any gas at “idle” there is a significant cost saving in fuel bills over the conventional tank type water heater. These old style hot water tanks are constantly working to maintain a water temperature in the tank, even while you have no hot water demands.

The cost saving over conventional types of water heating is also significant, in the majority of cases our products are half the price or less than those of the competition!

If you would like to save money, protect the environment, enjoy the latest technology and install one of the world’s easiest to install water heaters, a tankless from EZTankless is right for you.


Q. We love the concept of EZTankless water heaters, but are they safe?

A. This is a very important question and the shortest answer is YES!

To elaborate on this a little and to put your mind at rest we would like to say that our water heaters are as safe as any appliance in your home. Correctly installed and used, you will have an appliance that will reliably give you hot water for up to twenty years.

Note: We urge you to consult a professional contractor or plumber with previous experience to perform the installation, and to help you make sure the EZTankless instant-on water heater you choose is the right unit for your particular hot water needs. Of course, our live support team will be happy to address any questions you might have

There are a number of fail-safe’s built into our water heaters, such as a sensor to measure water flow, so under no circumstances will the water heater have a false start, and ignite when there is no demand for hot water.

On the exhaust side there is a sensor to measure exhaust temperature, which will shut the unit down should there ever be an overload situation. On the more sophisticated models, such as our EZ Deluxe, there is full computer control to further ensure safe operation. The water temperature is carefully monitored as well, so there will never be scalding hot water which could potentially cause hot water burns.

What you will get is years and years of trouble free instant hot water, up to twenty years if installed and used correctly!

We are delighted to draw to your attention that there is no pilot light whatsoever, so there is no constant flame alight in your home. This feature alone lets you know we take pride in the quality of our designs! . We feel this makes our water heaters significantly safer than anything using a pilot light!

Short of simply using cold water, there is nothing safer on the market!


Q. Do we need to change all our faucets and fittings if we change to EZ Tankless water heaters?

A. Our tankless water heaters will work with your existing fixtures and fittings, and work quite efficiently. You will have a significant reduction in water heating costs, and yes you will be doing a little to reduce your carbon footprint with no effort at all.

This being said, we are certain that part of the decision to purchase an EZTankess water heater was based on the fact that it is environmentally friendly and not just because our products are EZ to install, EZ to operate, and EZ on the pocket. Why stop with just the water heater when you can further enhance the environmental and economical impact of our state of the art water heater with modern energy saving fittings and faucets? A Tankless water heater will perform at its best when also using water saving faucets that have built in aerator (screens) that run at flow rates of 1 to 2 gallons per minute. Bath & sink aerator (screens) are available at a local home improvement stores and are inexpensive. Tankless water heaters work best using hand held shower heads that mount on the wall and hold in your hand, you can usually purchase one from a local store for about $20-$30. A 2.5 gallon per minute aerator shower head will actually flow at about 1.5 to 2.0 gallons per minute (most shower head aerator are calibrated using water pressure of 80 psi and the typical residential water pressure is between 40 - 60 psi, with the average being 50 psi).

With the financial savings you are going to reap purchasing an EZTankless instant-on water heater, instead of going to our competition, we suggest that you go ahead and upgrade your entire home with new fittings and still have money left over!


Q. What is really involved in changing to one of your EZ Tankless on-demand water heaters?

A. We could probably write a book on this subject, so instead we have kept the answer as brief and general as possible in interests of ease of reading. More detailed articles and diagrams are available here on our website, and of course we have our live support team who will be happy to answer any questions specific to your EZTankless installation.

If you currently have an old style tank type water heater, or a less advanced tankless heater changing to an EZTankless heater should be a relatively simple task for your contractor or plumber. Where we differ to other forms of water heating on some of our models, such as our EZTankless Deluxe is the horizontal exhaust, which dictates that the unit must be installed on an outside wall. If you are replacing an old style tankless heater the only real challenge will be removal of and/or changing-out of the exhaust plumbing.

Important safety note: (Regardless of the manufacturer or brand name, you must always use the specified exhaust and intake system supplied by or recommended by the tankless heater manufacturer. No substitutions are allowed. For your own safety, please don’t even contemplate altering the exhaust/intake system as this is an integral part of the heater’s function. Tankless heaters can NEVER be connected to the old tank type heater exhaust system or used in tandem in an existing chimney. The exhaust system for a tankless heater is ALWAYS A STAND ALONE SYSTEM.)

From there it is a simple matter of making sure the correct fittings are used for the water and gas connections. If you are replacing a tank type water heater then it could be a little more complex, but you do have a great opportunity to free up some space (where that old tank was stored) and tidy and probably improve on the existing plumbing.

Although we recommend that you use a contractor or plumber to do the install, several of our customers did their own installation using DIY grade tools and skills. If you feel you would like to install our product yourself, we would like to point out that a poor or incorrect installation could reduce the longevity of the water heater, and have a negative effect on our warrany.


Q. What type of gas does an EZTankless water heater use?

A. In short, there are two types of gas in the United States, Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas, better known as LP or LPG. Because we use very high technology to get the very best from our on-demand water heaters, you must specify which type of gas you are going to use.

For your information we have posted below some information to help you purchase the correct unit. Of course, if you have any questions our live support team will be happy to assist you.

Natural Gas

If your home uses "city gas" (Natural gas that is piped underground into the home through a supplied meter which is regulated and read by the utility company) you will need to use the natural gas model.

Natural Gas consists primarily of methane. It is found with fossil fuels, in coal beds, as methane clathrates, and is created by methanogenic organisms in marshes, bogs, and landfills. It is an important fuel source.

Natural gas is often referred to as simply gas, especially when compared to other energy sources such as electricity. Before natural gas can be used as a fuel, it must undergo extensive processing to remove almost all materials other than methane. Natural gas is abundant in North America and Northern Europe.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LP - Liquefied Petroleum Gas) (Also called Propane, LPG, GPL, LP Gas)

If your home has a large storage tank outside that it periodically refilled by a technician who transfers the gas from a delivery truck, you have LP gas. You will need an LP gas model

Varieties of LPG bought and sold include mixes that are primarily propane, mixes that are primarily butane, and the more common, mixes including both propane (60%) and butane (40%), depending on the season. In winter more propane, in summer more butane. Propylene and butylenes are usually also present in a small concentration. A powerful odorant, ethanethiol, is added so that leaks can be detected easily. The international standard is EN 589.

LPG is synthesized by refining petroleum or 'wet' natural gas, and is usually derived from fossil fuel sources, being manufactured during the refining of crude oil, or extracted from oil or gas streams as they emerge from the ground.


Q. Is there any difference between a tankless and tank type water heater other than the tank?

A. Let us start by examining the physical dimensions. The tank type water heater occupies a rather large area in the home, and frankly we feel it is not the single most beautiful item in the house. Perhaps partly for this reason the tank type water heater is hidden from sight in the basement or the special “Boiler room”. Take a look at the EZTankess Deluxe or better yet the EZUltra and imagine this slim rectangle mounted in your living area. You would hardly notice it.

Let’s move onto function, as the EZTankess wins hands down in form. Our tankless water heater will provide endless hot water for as long as you have open a faucet or shower head or your washer or dish washer is asking for it. With traditional water heaters, you have hot water as fast as your plumbing will allow. But when your hot water tank is depleted, you must wait for the tank to re-heat before you have hot water to use again, and then if your hot water demands are high, repeat as necessary. No doubt you have already seen this first hand when you are the last person in your home to shower or bathe, only to find there is no hot water. With EZTankless, no matter if you are first in line or last for the bathroom, there will always be a plentiful supply of hot water.

The process of heating these two types of water heater differs significantly. The tank type heater, as stated above, heats a large volume of water, and then keeps it hot by periodically reheating the said water stored in the tank as it cools. Even with the most advanced insulation there will always be an element of heat loss. Even the most modern and efficient tank type heaters cannot maintain a hot tank for long without having to reheat. It cannot sense your water heating needs, only how hot the water in the tank actually is. It cannot adjust itself, and if you set the tank temperature too hot, then too bad. You will be greeted at your faucet with water that you literally cannot touch! The only solution is to reset the tank temperature and wait while it cools down enough to be safely used. Set it too cool and once again you will need to make adjustments and then wait! With a tankless water heater from EZTankless you control the temperature up or down with a handy electronic control panel (on most of our models) and as more load (other faucets or appliances are used) our water heaters sense the added load and adjusts combustion accordingly. As we have no storage tank, we do not need to waste gas by reheating water in anticipation of your needs later today or next week. The next time you turn a tap on will be the very next time your tankless water heater will use any more gas, and that gas is being used as efficiently as possible!


Q. Will I see savings on my utility bills if I am using an EZTankless instantaneous water heater?

A. Yes, in all the applications we can imagine we know that you, the consumer, will see a real saving on your utility bills. There are of course some variables that may affect just how much you save.

Once you have correctly installed an EZTankless instant-on water heater you will never run out of a constant supply of hot water. Spending longer in the shower, for example, could cut into your savings!

The cost of electricity, propane and natural gas in your area will affect the amount of money saved. The higher the cost for the energy used to heat your water, the quicker you will recover the initial cost of installing a tankless water heater.

Also, the use of energy saving faucets and shower heads will give you significant savings, not only in gas and electricity, but also in water usage.

Most manufacturers claim that you can save as much as 25% to 50%, depending on what type of energy your water heater uses. We believe that with energy saving faucets and shower heads your savings will be much nearer to perhaps even exceeding 50% when using EZTankless direct-vent models, such as our EZDeluxe or EZUltra.

Because of these many variables, we are reluctant to make promises on actual savings. But simple common sense tells us that there are savings, and of course, we are not wasting energy heating a tank of water for future use which is great news for our planet. Please take into consideration that most tank type water heaters lose about 3% to 4% of their heat every hour, 24 hours per day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. The tankless water heater heats water only when the faucet is turned on. A tankless water heater has no standby heat loss. It only uses energy when you are using hot water. Period.

Depending upon your hot water usage and the cost of gas the payback period for an EZTankless instant-on water heater is from 3 to 7 years.

We strongly recommend the use of energy saving faucets and shower heads to speed-up the amount of time to reach payoff, as well as saving water in the process.

Who gets the biggest bang for the buck from tankless technology? Simply put, “conservationists” are the ones who save the most! The biggest savings will be realized by those who live alone (or a couple) and especially those individuals who have a dedicated conservative lifestyle. If you are a working or travelling person who is seldom at home using hot water, your energy bill reflects the low consumption because tankless water heaters DO NOT EXPERIENCE STANDBY HEAT LOSS and consume no gas when not in use. Additionally, you are contributing to protecting the planet as well as the future of fuel and fresh water supplies.


Q. Claims of instant hot water with a constant temperature and a limitless supply is a tall order. Are these claims true?

A. We would like to start off by letting you know that it is a common misconception that the hot water from an instant tankless hot water heater is just that, instant.

We say instant hot water because the instant you turn on the faucet, shower head or appliance that is going to use hot water, the water heater starts, but it does take a few seconds to purge the hot water pipe of the existing cold or cool water it naturally contains. Once this water has passed through the water pipe, you will get hot water.

You will never run out of hot water! Unlike a tank type water heater which stores and heats a fixed amount of water which when depleted needs to be reheated, leaving you with just two unsatisfactory options, wait for the tank full of water to reheat, or make do with cold, cool or lukewarm water. Hot water from an EZTankless instant-on water heater is kept at a constant temperature, which you preset, and regardless of the specific demand for hot water, even if additional hot water faucets, shower heads or appliances are turned on the water heater will automatically compensate for the added heating needs, keeping the temperature constant. As long as you need hot water, an EZTankless water heater will keep supplying a constant stream of controlled constant temperature hot water.

Not only will you get instant, unlimited hot water at a controlled temperature, just as stated, but you will also save money on your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint!

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